UFO Covers are introduced by Innopal Ventures Pvt Ltd, a company established by Rollwell Group promoters. The Innopal team of designers, engineers, thinkers and strategists have been involved in breakthrough innovations in different business verticals.

Driven by the philosophy of protecting the elements from the environment and environment from the elements, the team has been instrumental in designing, developing and introducing innovative and trend setting products for different applications.

Located in Mumbai,India, Innopal Ventures is headed by Mr. Nishant Jain who has been instrumental in growth of the Rollwell Group Companies and was recognized by the Economic Times of India as a “Promising Entrepreneur of India”, in June 2016 for being a leader in bringing disruptive change.

The Group also has a Joint Venture Company with CST Covers, USA who are the world’s leading manufacturer of Aluminum Covers for different applications having presence in 125 countries and over 20,000 installations. Have more fun with bästa online casino. Visit to www.temcorrollwell.com to know more.

Universal Floating Objects (UFO) Covers is an innovative, simple and easily adaptable solution