Prevent Contamination
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Restrict Evaporation
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Stop Organic Growth
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Barely 2.5% of water on earth is fit for use. Almost 25 to 40% of water is lost due to evaporation depending on location and thus minimizing this loss is critical in over 50% of India which faces extremely high water stress.Universal Floating Objects (UFO) Covers is an innovative, simple and easily adaptable solution which not only prevents water losses, but also prevents water contamination, odour control and is the most economical solution with life expectancy of over 25 years

Benefits of UFO Covers

  • Great Coverage of Area up to 95%
  • Restricts Evaporation Losses up to 90%
  • Prevents Contamination
  • Stops Organic growth like Algae
  • Restricts Odor up to 90%
  • Life expectancy of 25+ years
  • Lowest Cost Option
  • No Operating or Maintenance cost
  • Ease of installation with no need for any special equipment
  • Automatic distribution on liquid surfaces
  • Automatic adaption to changes in the level
  • Fits to all shapes
  • Easy adaption to bigger/smaller surfaces by adding/removing UFOs
  • Full access to the liquid
  • Is unaffected by rain
  • Allows use of aeration
  • Does not need supervision
  • Prevents Heat loss from the liquid under cover

"UFO Covers can be used on almost all forms of water reservoirs, lakes, ponds, tanks etc…."

Specifications of UFO Covers

  • Solid Elliptical Disc shaped objects
  • Made with polymer for longer life
  • Black in Colour
  • 95% Coverage with each UFO being 100mm in diameter
  • Unaffected by the liquid and does not react with same
  • Will not get carried away by wind
  • Easily withstands rain